I have been a lover, collector and restorer of antique & vintage furniture half my life. It’s a passion of mine so I have decided to share it.

The name Hare & Thistle is derived from the property where my family lives.  The house started to get built in the late 1850’s and was completed 1863. To celebrate the occasion they decided to hold a party - a three day event - that was based on coursing for wallabies. At the time they were prevalent and this was a way to keep the numbers down. Years later in 1873 he imported Hares from Britain to keep the sport alive and they still hop about the farm to this day. The owner’s sister emigrated from Scotland some years later and brought with her scotch thistles as a reminder of their homeland. These too thrived on the country here. The brave pioneers of our land lived here for the rest of their days and we will always remember the stamp they left here. Not just the majestic old home but the hares and the thistles too!

Follow me on my journey of finding and restoring stylish wares for your home.